About Me

Every one lives from their story!

What is mine?

Hi, I’m Rowan.

I started Aspiro to help raise the quality of life for the people I meet on my journey through this world.

I have dedicated myself to being a lifelong learner, always curious, always imagining what could be round that next corner. I learned how to make things interesting to me so I could learn them in depth and at speed, I say this not to brag, but to impress upon you the idea that by simply reframing the way we look at things, changing the stories we tell ourselves, we can change our lives for the better.

Why I do what I do.

I have been interested in the mind since an early age, my curiosity was first piqued by my father doing a french drop coin slight, making it disappear from his hand then reappear behind my ear. The other major factor was as a result of what I now know are autistic traits, as a child I had the following symptoms:  language abilities (My first word was a full and correct sentence.), extreme shyness, social anxiety, synesthesias (I saw colours round people), as well as sensory overload (I could hear and feel more than most people do.), issues with stimming (Hand movements.) and self harm  (Head butting walls and punching myself.) when failing to get people to understand what I needed.

Through working daily and for the last 20 years learning the tools I now use daily with clients I have come to overcome the negative aspects of how my mind worked and learned to control the positive. The bouts of suicidal depression and extreme anxiety have vanished, and the balance, calm control, learning abilities and memory skills as well as my personal moral code and understanding of what is the true meaning of being a evolved human.

I have been training and practicing the skills I use now for the last 11 years and am trained in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mesmerism, Fascination, Presence, EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting & Hermetic Magnetism.

This is backed up with extensive studies into modern psychology and its roots in mesmerism and alchemy, the history of healing using the mind going back to ancient Egypt and Greece, the use of mind-trance healing in different cultures, methods of inducing altered conciousness trance states, the differences in the brain in these different inductions of trance (verbal/audio/light/dark/kinesthetic/energy field/plant), brain wave entrainment via light and sound, natural nootropic substances, neurochemicals and their precursors, concious dream states and altered states as well as the history of religion and the super-normal/natural abilities reported in trance.

I now offer these skills to you, the power to break through your anxieties, clear your blocks to success in any area and supercharge your passion for life as well as training in savant like abilities of memory and learning.

We have 2 ways of learning, emotional impact, and repetition. Burning your hand on something hot as a child will stimulate a strong enough emotional response to imprint a belief such as “hot things hurt – be careful”, our childhood between birth and 7-11 can be referred to as our “imprinting years” for this reason.

Something like learning the alphabet, or a poem or times table is a repetition learning, generally. Through Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Energy, and Trance we can re-activate these ways of learning as ways of un-learning the problem/behaviour and replacing it if need be with a healthier option for mind and body.

Why Aspiro? It’s the family motto, for my branch of the Ramsay family “Aspiro” (To Rise Up) and it seemed appropriate for what I do.

My qualifications include a DipAH in Analytical Hypnotherapy, EFT Level 1 & 2, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Magnetista Junior, Magnetista Emeritus, Coaching For Magnetic Success and Charisma, Non-Verbal Magnetism And Mesmerism, and Quantum Psychology. Covering everything from ancient hypnotic techniques from around the world to modern hypnotherapy. My father also taught energy healing, I have studied Huna healing, the aforementioned Mesmerism (mesmeric healing) and practice both Qigong and Ashtanga yoga.

I work with individuals, one to one and in teams and groups. Providing therapy, coaching, meditation, breathing and healing.

I specialise in my own state of the art treatment using light, mesmerism and medical hypnosis combined to induce deep mind-trance states for therapy. That means that I will focus on helping you achieve what you want in life using practical and effective techniques with a focus on the here and now, while I also offer direct, and Ericksonian analytical hypnotherapy as well as an exploration of the past for deep seated issues.

The treatment will always have a well-defined goal. You can expect a confidential and professional service in the safe and caring environment of your choice. Imagine your life free of your sticking points, more love for yourself and those around you, I will show you how to change the way you think, feel and respond so you can get the life you want and enjoy the happiness you deserve.